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Court frees 2 accused of operating illegal pharmacies

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By Aisha Tamba

A magistrate’s court in Banjul has acquitted and discharged two people accused of operating and selling medicines without obtaining licence from the Pharmacy Council, the regulatory body.

Nyima Sidibeh and Mbye Babou were facing three charges of selling and dispensing medicines without licence, obstructing an inspector while exercising lawful authority and conspiracy to defeat the execution or enforcement of the Pharmacy Council Act 2014. They denied all charges.

Principal Magistrate Muhammed Krubally freed them following a no-case to answer submission by their lawyer M O S Bachilly, who said there is no evidence that linked his clients to the accusations.

The application followed the closure of the prosecution’s case after the testimony of four witnesses. Prosecutor Ablie Colley in his submission to the lawyer’s application said the prosecution has made prima facie case as required by law, urging the court to dismiss the application and order the two accused to enter their defence.

The magistrate however ruled that the prosecution could not make out cogent evidence to support all the charges preferred against the accused persons. “Their evidence falls short of conviction. In light of the                                                        circumstances, I hereby reiterate that Nyima Sidibeh and Mbye Babou have no case to answer and thus, are accordingly acquitted and discharged forthwith as per Section 166 of the Criminal Code,” Magistrate Krubally said.

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