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Court heard Baby Muhammed was sick with cold prior to car incident

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By Bruce Asemota

A witness identified as the mother of the late Baby Muhammed told the court Friday that her son had been sick with cold or fever prior to the July 3 incident (when he was said to have been locked up in car for hours) .
The lady was testifying in the trial of her siblings Sainabou Mbye and Cherno Mbye, and one Kimbilly Dembelly.
The witness further disclosed that the trio had no intention of taking Muhammed with them but because he was crying to go with them, she decided to let him go with them as they escorted the first trip of the truck carrying their belongings moving to another house in Brusubi.
The witness repeated that she first came to know the condition of her baby when she reached the house the family was moving to and saw him with one Adama Bojang, the 5th prosecution witness. She said Muhammed was wet and unconscious and she started crying but Adama told her not to cry as the child would be fine.
Responding to a question posed by her own defense counsel, Ida Drammeh, the witness told the court that she was the one who placed the child inside the car and did not leave him under anybody’s care.
She asserted that Muhammed was first taken to Afrimed and then to Banjul and finally to Dakar noting that she was aware of the decision to take Muhammed to Dakar.
The witness revealed that Muhammed was only 2 years 3, months old when he died.
The witness told the court that she was not sure Sainabou Mbye, Cherno Mbye and Kimbilly Dembelly were aware that she placed Muhammed inside the car.
Hearing continues on Thursday October 13, 2022.

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