23 C
City of Banjul
Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Since the outbreak of the pandemic
The world has been so chaotic
People dying in a way pathetic
Every sector got affected, even the academic

COVID-19 has proven to be robust and deadly
It is scary because can be transmitted easily
It continues to affect the world’s economy badly
Affecting peoples’ businesses and movements dearly

People have their differences put aside
In order to fight the enemy from far and wide
The WHO is there to assist and guide
And it is everybody’s responsibility to abide

There is no cure in sight for the disease, apparently
Let us all take the preventive measures seriously
Let us stay home and avoid any unnecessary assembly
Let us refrain from sharing any messages blindly
Let us make sure that we wash our hands thoroughly
The culture of shaking hands should stop unconditionally
Let us stop coughing into people directly
Instead use your elbow or a tissue and dispose it immediately
If you feel sick, don’t walk/drive to the hospital, just call 1025 duly
We will be safe and will save others if we comply accordingly

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