CPA condemns alleged abuse of minor


Press release

Child Protection Alliance has learned with great concern an alleged abuse of a minor at a settlement within West Coast Region.

The suspect is alleged to have hit the minor with a pestle leading to severe injuries. The alleged act is criminal and a gross violation of the rights of the minor.


It is important to note that there is no ambiguity in Section 22 of the Children’s Act which clearly challenged parents or guardians to administer domestic discipline in a manner consistent with the inherent dignity of the child; thus leaving no room for any form of physical or mental abuse of children.

We therefore condemn the alleged act in totality and urge the public to desist from such brutal and gruesome acts against children.

While we thank The Gambia Police Force for their intervention in arresting the suspect, we demand a thorough investigation of the matter. The suspect must be punished in accordance with the law if found guilty of committing the alleged crime.

Meanwhile, the public is urged to be vigilant and report suspected cases of child abuse at the nearest police station or call the National Child Helpline on 199.

CPA Communications