Darboe gloats over defeat of defected NAMs


By Omar Bah

UDP leader Ousainu Darboe has expressed delight with the defeat of five of the NAMs who defected from his party to NPP.  The UDP leader described the behavior of four of them Saikou Marong, Fatoumata Jawara, Saikouba Jarju and Alhagie Jawara as “indiscipline”.

Addressing UDP’s new NAMs Monday, Darboe said he is happy that they had their tongues cut off by the election defeat.


He said whereas Baba Galleh Jallow would sometimes say bad things in parliament about the UDP and Omar Darboe once said they asked them not to support a bill because they would be empowering the government, much of the indiscipline came from the others. “They are the ones who did not control their mouths and disrespected us but I am glad that their tongues in parliament have indeed been cut off. There will be other NAMs but not them,” he said.

Darboe challenged newly elected UDP NAMs to respect and exercise discipline at the National Assembly. “The National Assembly is a very important place and deserves discipline and respect,” Darboe said.

He expressed hope that the UDP will sweep all the administrative areas across the country someday.


At least one of the five losing MPs, Saikou Marong, has fired back at Darboe.

He wrote: “Ousainu woo Darboe, please know that we are proud of our achievements in sending you to retirement for ever.  We are stronger today than ever”.