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The leader of the United Democratic Party Ousainou Darboe and Mamma Kandeh, leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress have both congratulated Gambians on a peaceful local councils elections and in particular their supporters for their trust.

“UDP candidates have fared well in all areas of the country and I am profoundly gratified by the trust and confidence voters placed in the fine men and women we presented. I am also thankful to our worthy opponents who fought gallantly and with great dignity resulting in a smooth and peaceful election. Together we are showing the world a great example of a robust plural democracy at peace and forward looking.
“To our elected councilors, I offer hearty congratulations accompanied with this gentle reminder that your mandate is to reform, rebuild and reorient the councils to effectively and efficiently deliver their statutory responsibilities to the taxpayers.

“You represent the entirety of your respective wards not only people that voted for and that must be your guiding and operational principle throughout your mandate. Finally I wish to remind all that we still have mayoral and council chairpersons elections coming up in a just short few weeks,” Darbeo said.
As for the GDC leader, the results showed that voter turnout has dropped from the presidential to the National Assembly elections and has even got worse in the April 12 council elections.
“I think the IEC and all of us should continue educating Gambians that every election is as important as the other,” he said.

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On his party’s achievement, Kandeh said the GDC has grown in popularity and support and he will thank Gambians for trusting his party within the short period of its existence.
“Our acceptance rate is growing election after election and I must say we give thanks to the people of The Gambia,” he said.

However Mr Kandeh deplored the arrest of his supporters in URR accusing the supporters of the UDP of instigating trouble by campaigning in the name of President Barrow, thus flouting the IEC rules among other provocations.

He said all his efforts in reuniting people after the election was frustrated by unjustified arrests of GDC supporters and even some Alkalolu. “On one occasion the arresting vehicle had an accident with both the arresting party on board and even after that, they are still asking my supporters to report to the police,” Kandeh queried.

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He called the authorities to stop harassing GDC supporters,
Meanwhile, Police PRO has been talking to The Fatu Network about the arrest of the newly elected councilor for Julangel ward, Ebrima Manneh and two Alkalolu. Superintendent Kujabi said the three were involved in an assault in Koro Jula Kunda, URR. He added that they allegedly attacked the family home of one Do Sano and the case was reported to the police which warranted their arrest.

“After the incident, the vehicle that they was traveling in to the station together with the Police was involved in an accident and minor injuries sustained”.

Kujabi said those injured including police officers were treated and discharged except for one officer who is currently undergoing treatment at the Bansang hospital in the Central River Region.
Councilor Manneh and the two Alkalolu (village heads) have been released from police custody Saturday night.

When asked whether the directive of the arrests emanated from the State House as being discussed on social media, the Police PRO said the issue has absolutely nothing to do with the State House. He added that it is a police case and is being handled by the police.

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