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Darboe urges Gambians to stop insulting Barrow’s parents

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By Omar Bah

The leader of the United Democratic Party has urged his party supporters and Gambians in general to avoid insulting President Barrow’s parents just because of politics.
“We must not take our political differences to people who are not involved in politics. It is wrong to insult Adama Barrow’s parents based on politics because his mother doesn’t take part in politics,” Ousainu Darboe told visiting UDP supporters recently.

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Darboe added: “People should not be insulted just because their sons or daughters are presidents or politicians. We should respect people’s parents. My aunt in Bansang, who has nothing to do with politics should not be insulted just because she is Ousainu Darboe’s aunt. That is wrong.”

The former vice president said he has no doubt that the UDP will win the 2021 presidential election, adding that when the UDP wins the election they will stay in the presidency for a very long time. “And those who chose to remain in the opposition will stay there long enough for their children to get old in the opposition,” he said.

Darboe urged all UDP supporters to ensure that they secure voter’s card for their sons and daughters who attained 18 years before the next presidential election.
The veteran politician also used the event to confirm that he will apply to be UDP presidential candidate in 2021.

“I will write to the UDP to ask them to make me their presidential candidate. And for those who are saying I will not contest and that I am grooming somebody to lead the UDP in 2021, let me tell them that when I am done with those I am grooming, nobody will dare challenge them because they will be too strong to be challenged,” he teased.

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