Death sentence for Gunjur murderer upheld


All seven of the justices affirmed Mr Daffeh’s convictin of murder for killing Mariama Daffeh in June 2008. Headed by the chief justice, the judges were in agreement on Daffeh’s conviction by the high court in Banjul.

Mr Daffeh was found guilty in 2009 of one count of murder after hitting one Mariama Daffeh with an iron rod on the stomach at Gunjur in 2008 during one early morning. He maintained his innocence throughout the trial.

He turned to the court of appeal after his conviction but his request for the death sentence to be overturned was rejected.


In his earlier arguments, his lawyer from Legal Aid, N Mbuji asked for the death sentence to be overturned. But the justices unanimously rejected it. Justice RC Sock who read the judgement said Mr Daffeh was not “a witness of truth”. 

During the trial, Mr Daffeh maintained that he was “insane” but Justice Sock held that he did not prove that in court. “I’m of the profound view that the prosecution had discharged its duty. The accused did not provide any medical report to show his insanity at the time of the incident. I agreed with the court of appeal and the appeal is dismissed,” he said.