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DIG Abdoulie Sanyang, congratulations!


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Dr. Ifedimma, Joseph Sunny Moneke

My heart of studied congratulation and commendation goes to my very good friend, Deputy Inspector General of Police on his recent promotion by the Inspector General of the Gambia Police Force. My infinite enthusiasm and appreciation to the Minister of Interior and the sitting Inspector General for their recommendations. This current feat would not have been achieved devoid of your professional and democratic endorsements. Thanks immensely.
Retrospectively, DIG Sanyang was recently called back to office after an altercation during the regime of President Jameh. Today the same officer is being celebrated and decorated to this exalted position. Does it not show the vanity and transitory nature of positions and life? Well done DIG Abdoulie ahead of other millennium revolutions, if not metamorphosis.

A few years ago, I was his Private Consultant on Gambia Police logistics/deployment to UN Peacekeeping operations. That was my first stint with him, but meeting this gentle intellectual Hector is the greatest blessing of my life. An audacious, tenacious and brilliant officer, who is always armed with sufficient information and details on contemporary issues. A skilful and diplomatic negotiator, whose interest is often for the maximum good and benefit of the Gambia Police Force.
I am very proud to be closely associated with him.

His quality of being a Mobile Millennium Policing Encyclopaedia, made my assignment of 2 years drastically reduced to 13 months. With his legal background and superlative skills, the Inspector General of Police and the Government of the Gambia will certainly enjoy the unquestionable loyalty and services of a humble subordinate. I foresee a millennium Police and Policing in the Gambia under the current Inspector General of Police and his able team.
Congratulations to both the Interior Minister and the Inspector General of Police, as you were all appointed this year, 2018. May God bless the Gambia.

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