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By Lamin Cham

The Gambia Football Federation, GFF, will receive at least D245 million dalasi from 2019 to 2022 after Fifa approved a newly-revised football development funding for the 2019-2022 cycle. Under the new arrangement the 211 members will get about $5m each under the FIFA Forward Development Programme over a period of four years.
And it can even be more because national associations that comply with the set regulations will receive $6m, an increase by $1m. The FAs can use up to $1m per year for their running and operational costs that include governance, structure and administration, the national teams, domestic competitions, permanent administrative and technical staff, financial management (audits), website and other communication platforms, training for key football.

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According to details agreed at a recent meeting in Kigali Rwanda, half of the funds ($500,000) will only be allocated if the member implements or provides at least eight of the 10 essential elements, which include employing a secretary-general and a technical director, organises a juniors, women or men’s league, has a clear strategy for the promotion and development of women’s and grassroots football, promotion and development of refereeing and if the member runs an initiative or project related to integrity or good governance.

Each of the six confederations including CAF will be entitled to a yearly contribution of $12m to support its football activities and projects. Part of that money, up to $1m, will be distributed to the regional (zonal) bodies like CECAFA, WAFU and COSAFA to organise men’s, women’s and youth football tournaments. In a bid to ensure strict adherence to the regulations on how to use the funds and for accountability purposes, the world body has directed that each member association or confederation will have to engage the services of a statutory auditor and will be subject to a central audit review undertaken by an independent, high-profile, international auditing company.

And that the beneficiaries must ensure that the principles of anti-discrimination, diversity, accessibility and inclusion, and human rights for all, are protected and promoted as well as take measures to protect and safeguard children and minors from potential abuse.
The FIFA Forward Development Programme is part of the World Cup revenues that is redistributed to the member associations for development and other projects.
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