Dutch boost CRR village with clinical materials


The village’s clinic has been donated medical materials worth thousands of Euros in the form of donation to the villagers of Manna.

According to Yunus Komma, the coordinator of the project and native of Manna, it all started when Marion and Peter first visited their village in April 2013, and they showed the need to construct a health center there.

He explained: “When they got back, they started working on the project. In November 2013, Marion was back with assorted medical items, clothes, toys, and other materials for the villagers. She also bought all the construction materials needed for first building for the clinic, which is already completed.”


Mr Komma said the village of Manna, located several kilometers off road, is far from all major health facilities, making it a problem for villagers to access health care.

“We are planning to kick-start a second building now. This clinic will help the villagers and other surrounding settlements which are equally situated far from the major health centers. Going to the nearest major health centre in Janjangbureh requires crossing the river sometimes at odd hours at night and dependent on ferry services. This is always a problem to people of this community,” he explained.


By Sanna Camara