Ebunjan announces new series ‘Amazing Daughters Of Eve’


The Ebunjan Theatre Troupe is pleased to announce a new production based on profiles of notable women in The Bible.

Aptly titled “The Amazing Daughters of Eve” Janet Badjan-Young who wrote the script selected dominant women from the Old and the New Testament.

The fascinating characters from the Old Testament are Eve, the first woman created by God, who yielded to temptation. Deborah, the first woman Judge and as a compelling contrast Jezebel, the demonic Pagan Queen who murdered the priests of Israel.


 The New Testament selection highlights the story of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. Of significance in this narrative are the female disciples, Joanna and Mary Magdalene, women who received the healing power of Jesus and dedicated their lives to his ministry on earth.

It’s an amazing presentation enhanced with music, dance, poetry, and a vibrant, talented cast.

There will only be two performances; A Gala performance with cocktails on Friday April 22 and on Saturday April 23. Both performances start promptly at 8.PM.