Elixir eases access to cash power purchase


By Tabora Bojang

Nawec cash power buyers can now purchase electricity with the use of their mobile numbers instead of meter numbers, thereby eliminating the need to carry receipts bearing the meter digits for their transactions.
The Elixir Global Company over the weekend launched ‘Cell Power’ service, a simple service that makes access to cash power effortless is developed by Gambians without any third-party interference.
Cell Power, according to officials is an electronic cash power vending system that will allow consumers to make purchases via SMS, smartphone Apps and the internet.

According to the president and CEO of Elixir Global Group, Pa Modou Jobe, cash power offices used to have long queues even with the possibility of SMS vending, which he said was conceivable mainly because of its restriction to certain mobile networks.



“We think we can and should add more accessibility channels. Making Cash Power available and accessible 24/7 and saving consumers’ time, the inconvenience and the cost of travelling to and from Nawec offices,” Jobe added.
He explained that the new service will be available to the public and it will enable everyday buyers of cash power to purchase an amount ranging from D30 to D100.


This he said will be done through the use of credit vendors who will do the vending through the exact method as they vend cell phone credit, including all GSM operators.

“When customers go to buy from the CellPower vendors, all they only need to give their mobile number and the amount they intend to buy, not their meter numbers which can be a little tedious,” he stated.
Jobe further explained that for individuals using web and mobile apps, purchase amounts range from D100 to D500, whiles companies purchase amount typically starts from D5000 upwards.


“Through an agent network vendors will go to open up vendor accounts and make advance deposits into their vendor accounts, making it a prepaid system. They will then be able to vend cash power from their available balances to individuals buying from them,” said CEO Jobe.
He thanked the management of PURA for their positive and proactive response to his company’s request toward the successful launch of the project.

Abdoulie Jobe, former minister of trade and employment, who is also a facilitator to the project, said the project will bring ease to the door steps of cash power consumers as well as complementing new government’s efforts in achieving its energy roadmap strategies.
Elixir Global Group is a multi-sectoral investment holding company operating in the Gambia and recently in Senegal. The company is actively engaged in the sectors of energy, Agriculture and technology.