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In a rare comment on Gambian football since he left office in March 2012, Kinteh said the case of Ali Sowe is “a genuine error” and Caf should have waited until they received and reviewed The Gambia’s appeal before making their verdict known.

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”This particular case is  harsh because the circumstances that led to wrong entry of the player’s birth year in Caf’s registration form was an error since everything, the passport number, date, and month of birth and other details have shown that the passport is the same one he used in 2012 and this year. It shows that it was during the transfer of data from his passport to the Caf form that the error occurred,” Kinteh said. 

Mr Kinteh said to err is human because even Caf wrongly addressed the Gambia Football Federation as ‘Gambia Football Association’ long after that body had a name change. He called on all Gambians to rise above sentiments and unite in the pursuit of “the national interest”.


By Lamin Cham


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