Ex-NAM Gassama welcomes APRC/NPP alliance


By Amadaou Jadama

A former nominated member of the National Assembly has welcomed the APRC/NPP alliance, saying nothing is wrong with it.

Breaking his long silence following his dramatic ousting by a supreme court decision reinstating Ya-Kumba Jaiteh as nominated MP, Foday Gassama said there is no law preventing a union between  two parties for electoral gains.


“The alliance is also part of the reconciliation which is another mandate of the truth commission and people need to know that the violations were done by the government of APRC and not necessarily the people who support the party. There is difference between a political party and a  government,” he said.

He said there are some people who are supporters of APRC who never worked in the APRC government.

“And again, many APRC supporters are in UDP,” he said.