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Expelled UDP NAMS surface at Barrow meeting

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By Tabora Bojang on tour

A number of expelled UDP NAMs, who were kicked out of the party last week, yesterday surfaced at the first meeting of President Barrow at Fass in NBR.

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At least 5 of the expelled members namely Bilay G Tunkara, Saikou Marong, Alhagie Jawara, Baba Galleh Jallow and Omar Darboe joined the President’s entourage and were introduced at the meeting to have now officially joined Barrow.

President Barrow however did not make any formal statement over the matter but hugged and embraced the NAMs after their supposed coming was announced to a jubilating crowd.
It was also announced that 3 other expelled NAMs Fatoumata K Jawara, Saikouba Jarju and Abdoulie Ceesay, who were not present at the meeting are also in support of the president’s agenda.

Meanwhile Karamo Jadama, the recently expelled UDP regional chairman in NBR also joined the president’s bus as it was announced at the Fass meeting.

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