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Monday, January 18, 2021

Fajara Club veteran on future of Gambian golf

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Speaking to The Standard Tuesday, Sonko said though things have improved a lot since his days, Gambian golf still needs good marketing, sponsorship and publicity in the mass media for it to grow.

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“But I am generally impressed with the talent of the young players some of whom have since turned professional. You have to look at the likes of Fakebba Drammeh (Tiger) who have demonstrated great skills among others. They are capable of getting even better but there must be interest and funding from government, business institutions and others for them to be exposed and take part in big money competitions,” he said.

Sonko said he is also impressed with the organisational set up of the professional golfers who have come together to effectively make good use of the little income they generate from training tourists. “But the key is for the sport to be popularised in the media and supported financially by sponsors,” he said.

Lamin Sonko, who hails from Bakau, started golfing in the 1970s.


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