The spectacular debut of Abuko side Falcons FC continues to thrill fans in the national league. The team, which won promotion to the top flight this season has been on fire, at least in the first three weeks of proceedings gathering 7 points out of a possible 9.

In their last outing they beat Samger 1-0 to sit tight as joint leaders with Real de Banjul, though two other teams, Hawks and Waa Banjul are equally with 7 points.   That speaks volume of a team that has just arrived to the big boys party.

Falcons FC’s strong top flight debut looks set to   sent shivers down the spines of many established teams in the league. Is the team from Abuko mere slogan chanting cranks or the beginning of a formidable force in Gambian football? For answers we turn to club founder and President Musa Jammeh, a former GFF official responsible for security. “I think the key thing pushing the team is that its core members, both players and technicians have been together for a long time. This means greater understanding of each other’s style, strength and weaknesses,” Jammeh said.


He added that Falcons FC is also structured in a way that everyone sees himself as part of the club and not just a passer-by. ”The players and members of the club live in the same area and have known each other well. So, they train at anywhere anytime with little trouble. The idea is to build a team that would give young talents in its locality an opportunity to take up and excel in football. This has been the spirit from Nawettan to the regional league and to the GFF second and now first division,” Jammeh said. Coached by Lamin Sanneh, Falcons FC have set their eyes on   a title challenge at the first go and with such a stunning start to the league, a top finish is not beyond their reach.