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Farmers’ president says Jammeh could be better than Barrow

By Amadou Jadama

The president of Rice Farmers’ Association for North Bank Region, Sambou Dampha, has told The Standard that if Gambians allow President Adama Barrow to rule the country for five years, he could be worse than Yahya Jammeh, and Gambians will regret it.
He said Barrow has surrounded himself with the same people who served under Jammeh and destroyed the country, while ignoring the good people who struggled with him to free the country.

Dampha alleged that no government department is working to satisfaction because the country in general is not functioning well. “No department is delivering to expectation and this is after millions of dalasis have been spent with very little to show as gains. I have told Barrow through the media to watch his advisers who are interested in only their pockets. They have found a sanctuary in Barrow’s political agenda so they advise him to focus on seeking and pushing him to stay in power,” he said.

On the plight of farmers, he said Barrow is late to embark on the constitutionally mandated meet the farmers’ tour.
”I understand he is coming in November but what is there for him to see, dry grass?” he asked.

He urged Barrow to listen to the farmers in order to know the true picture of the feelings of the people in the country.

He said Barrow should not forget his past or the people who struggled with him, saying the solution to all these problems is for him to keep his promise and go after three years. He also called on the 3 Years Jotna movement to maintain peace and discipline in exercising their right to protest.

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