Fatoumatta Jawara revels in return to Assembly


By Omar Bah

Former Tallinding NAM, Fatoumatta Jawara has expressed gratitude to President Adama Barrow for nominating her back to parliament but vowed to serve the country’s interest. The former UDP lawmaker who defected to Barrow lost her reelection bid to her former party but was nominated by the president as part of the five nominated members.

In a statement shared with The Standard, Hon Jawara wrote: “My utmost gratitude to President Adama Barrow, for nominating me to the National Assembly and I am forever grateful to him for the confidence and trust he has in me, and I will make sure I continue to make him, our party and our country proud. I am committed to the development and unification of my beloved country.  To the people of Tallinding, my sincere and warmest gratitude to you, for giving me the opportunity to represent you in parliament for the past five years, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve you.”


The lawmaker said she will make it a priority to serve as a unifier at the National Assembly.

Madam Jawara also vowed to continue championing the country’s democracy and rule of law.