Fatu Camara: Is good to be back


After many previous rumours about her supposed return to the country, The Standard can confirm that journalist Fatu Camara, the former Director of Press at State House, who played a key role in the campaign against the rule of former President Jammeh is back home for good.

Speaking to The Standard yesterday, Camara said she feels very good to be back after almost four years.
“Right now I am trying to connect back to my people. You know after not talking to people all these years I have to get back people’s numbers and find out how they are doing etc. But generally it is good to be back home,” she said.

Fatu also said she has come for good now and will be staying mostly in the Gambia and perhaps frequenting Senegal too.
Using her Internet radio and website from her base in the United States, Fatu Camara made a name for herself as one of the vocal critics of the Jammeh regime