Featuring A2, Di Fulani King


With Sheriff Janko

Known for his positive, uplifting and enlightening tracks about life and taking a better road to success, Dancehall artiste A2 aka Di Fulani King is one of the fast-rising Gambian stars on the path to stardom.
Born Ebrima Jallow but musically A2, he made his debut appearance on the country’s dancehall scene couple of years ago and since then his career inception is showing no sign of slowing down.
The songster, who released his debut single titled All Over Me in 2014, did well as throughout the single he delivers poignant lyrics over a sensational beat produced by Stylzz Records.
However, this period marks an important milestone in his musical career and that even enabled him to attract more fans among youths in the country. All Over Me is still a hit in the country, probably thanks to the engineered expertise by Stylzz Records.

Later on, he dropped his second single entitled ‘Changes’ but this time it was recorded at Shyboy Records. Being inspired into music at a tender age, A2 quickly got more involved in music listening to the uplifting and enlightening sounds by great reggae musicians, which gave him more motivation in his career.
In 2015, he released of a number of hits including, Wait 4 U, Next To Me and Gal Come Wine. Then came the release of his EP titled Step In, shortly afterwards.


2016 marks an important milestone in his career, as he released and launched his debut mixtape titled, Mixed Feeling, a 21-track sound recorded at both Stylzz and Shy Boy Records.
He immediately went on a nationwide tour to better promote his music. Besides, it was in 2016, when he made his debut appearance at the 2016 Kunda Festival, an annual reggae concert in the country.
That same year, he won the Reggae Dancehall artist of the Year at the Wah Sa Halat Award and was also nominated in the category of ‘Africa Best Dancehall Artiste’ alongside various dancehall acts across Africa by Linkage awards based in the United States of America.
With more projects in the works for 2018, A2’s focused and ready to showcase musical artistry for The Gambia.