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Tuesday, June 15, 2021


President Adama Barrow has said his government views football or any sports development in the Gambia is part of the general development of the youth sector which his government is firmly committed to. Responding to The Standard about government’s commitment to sports especially football, Barrow said he is football fan but sports is connected to youth and the focus is youth development which will cover all activities of the youths.

“I am a football fan. When you talk about football you talk about the youth. It is not about football only but it is about the youth because definitely if you inherit an economy that is as bad as one month import cover you are in a very difficult situation. We have been working very hard to stabilize the economy. As we stabilize the economy, I am telling you all sectors are interconnected. That is the time when we can know what to do next. But as far as we are in this situation it will be very difficult to predict what we are going to do tomorrow,” he said.

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