With the Gambia Football Federation national elections at the corner, a former deputy secretary general and long-term football administrator Abdul Salam Jammeh has announced he is endorsing incumbent Lamin Kaba Bajo for president.

Salam, as he is fondly called, shared his endorsement write up with The Standard and reads: “I spent 24 years in football administration from 1994 to 2018 serving under different executives during which time I travelled extensively on football missions and training. Yes, there have been tremendous developments in our game before, but in all honesty the transformations and success achieved by the Kaba regime are unrivalled. The Afcon qualification alone is enough to illustrate my point. This, coupled with the competent and innovative ideas put in place by the Kaba regime, have begun to yield positive dividends and therefore it would make every sense for the team to continue at the helms of Gambia football”.

Salam also said the Kaba regime has ushered in a model of governance that has given benefits to the marginalised sections of the national game such as grassroots football, female football and refereeing among others. He added that the innovative infrastructural projects embarked upon by the Kaba regime   may have been delayed but have brought about the perfect solution to the acute lack of facilities in the country.”I think the Kaba regime has shown enough competence and quality managerial skills to be trusted with another term. Gambian football stake holders should be wary of trusting people who would abandon them in the middle of the sea. I call on all football stakeholders to support the Kaba- regime to continue delivering the goodies they have started and will continue to bring for Gambians,” Salam concluded.