As the Gambia Football Federation GFF elections, now slated for August 27, nears, a former head of the federation Seedy Kinteh has confirmed he is endorsing Sadibou Kamaso for president.

Mr Kamaso is challenging incumbent Lamin Kaba Bajo who is aspiring for a third term.

Confirming this to The Standard, Mr Kinteh who reigned from 2005 to 2012, said it is only logical that a new administration takes over after two terms by the incumbent regime. “It is time to give chance to a  new team.” Mr Kinteh said.


Kinteh added that the regions are under funded, ill-equipped and virtually dead.

“The regions should be effectively involved and well-funded to develop the game. This election would be different because the regions are very much aware of what they deserve. Mr Kamaso has resonated very well with the regions with solid plans to give the reasons their due. He has had very successful meetings around the country and his messaging is well accepted. And in any case two terms is enough, and the country must embrace a new team of football administrators,” Mr Kinteh said.