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Galloya women narrate ordeal at the hands of Jammeh’s witch doctors

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By Mafugi Ceesay

Lamarana Jallow, Sukai Jallow and Fatou Sowe, natives of Galloya village yesterday narrated painful ordeals at the hands of witch doctors sent to the village by ex-President Jammeh in 2009.

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The women, who were all accused of being witches explained that they were forced to undress stark naked and were bathed by someone young enough to be their grandson.
The old women also alleged that they were robbed off their properties and monies by the soldiers supposedly for safe-keeping.

Lamarana Jallow, 62, said the witch doctors found her selling and even after arresting her, they did not hand her back the materials.
“My children started crying; then I told them to go home and wait until I come back. They forced us to board a vehicle after pointing mirrors to our faces.

”She said, adding that she was captured along with Maram Jallow at the market who is from Kubariko village, but others were arrested from their rice fields.
“The witch doctors stole D2500 from me before asking me to drink the concoction. They never returned me this money. Some of us were beaten up and forced to drink the concoction, and some people became unconscious and started falling down while others started urinating on themselves,” she said.

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