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Gambia cultural week January 5

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The Gambia cultural festival has been slated to take place from 5th to 7th January 2018.
The main purpose of the festival, according Waka Jagne the famous Gambian music and cultural promoter, is to promote and revive Gambia’s various diverse and ethnic cultural traditions by showcasing various groups in the form of dancing and drumming.

He said cultural masquerades such as Kankurang, Kumpo, hunting, Fula acrobatic groups, Wollof Sabar and zimba with their various traditional attires in a carnival atmosphere ‘will be among the few cultural instruments that would be showcased during the three days’.
This festival, he said is also to contribute in the tourism sector by showcasing Gambia in its true traditional and riches.

“We will also educate and sensitize the youths so that they understand and embrace their various traditions and cultural backgrounds,” he said.
Mr Jagne added that the event will avail Gambians in the Diaspora, tourists and local participants the opportunity to enjoy real Gambian culture in a fiesta that is like nothing before.
He said government’s participation and support is solicited in this great cultural extravaganza.

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“Stalls will be available for local vendors to sell various Gambian dishes, refreshments and local juices, children programs will be available like face painting, skipping, football, etc,” he said.
He said day one will witness a great Sabar cultural night, “and day two will feature a musical jamboree, both local and international artists and the three will be the grand carnival fearing various Gambian cultural groups and also musical entertainment by various DJs and artist.”

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