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 The programme is a global initiative that inspires girls and young women to achieve their goals through perseverance, fair play and team work. 

According to the GFF, the launch of the concept will take   the form of a workshop where speeches will be delivered by prominent Gambian women who will address a full gallery of young girls with the aim of inspiring them in their future lives.

The GFF said this programme is in line with its own agenda of prioritising the development of female football.

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In this vein, it has deployed its technical department to take direct charge of the launch and the festival that will follow sometime in June.

The GFF youth and grassroots football desk office Alhagie Nyassi will supervise the programme, while established Gambian female football icons will also take part in the facilitation.  

The programme is sponsored by Fifa.

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FIFA’s “LIVE YOUR GOALS” campaign was launched at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011, and since then it has evolved into one of FIFA’s most recognised initiatives in women’s football. 

Following a pilot phase in 2012-2013, FIFA decided to make “LIVE YOUR GOALS” available to member associations, as part of its support for women’s football development as well as to ensure that the campaign has a worldwide impact. The campaign will aid member associations as they strive to create awareness and to develop football for girls and women in their respective countries. 

The objectives of the “LIVE YOUR GOALS” campaign are to: 

 Increase participation of girls and women in football 

 Increase the popularity of women’s football locally, nationally and globally. 

 Spark, foster and generate excitement about women’s football. 

Create the best platforms for women’s football to thrive, with more females becoming lifelong participants in the sport. 

 Ensure that football is the number one sport for females across the globe in terms of participation and popularity.

LIVE YOUR GOALS” campaign messages are: 

Girls and young women will be inspired to participate in the world’s most popular game and show that they can achieve their goals through football. 

 Women’s football is growing rapidly and provides golden opportunities for girls and women to develop healthy lifestyles and participate in the sport as players and professionals. 

 Female players around the world are role models of footballing excellence and technique, perseverance, discipline, teamwork, respect and fair play. 

Football can help improve girls’ and women’s status in society and tackle fundamental problems such as gender prejudice and discrimination. 

 Empowering girls and young women and increasing their participation in the game is a priority for FIFA.


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