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Gambia to start pickle ball soon

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The president of The Gambia Pickle Ball Association, Tijan Masanneh Ceesay, has told The Standard that the new sport is ready to be unveiled in The Gambia.
According to Mr Ceesay, the sport is vying to become an Olympic sport, adding that the Gambian chapter is already part of the African Confederation of Pickleball Association.
There is also the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) which was created to act as the world governing body for the sport of pickleball. The IFP was founded in 2010 by the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA), now USA Pickleball (USAP). The IFP is a non-profit organization that focuses its resources on providing support to national and local pickleball organizations.
The IFP’s goals include creating and maintaining official rules across all of pickleball, organizing international tournaments, and most crucially, spreading the sport of pickleball across the world. The IFP’s main goal is to have the sport of pickleball added to the Olympic Games
The IFP also organizes international pickleball competitions including the Bainbridge Cup, an international competition in which teams represent their continents and compete on professional and amateur levels.

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