Gambian asylum seeker in Germany jumps from storey building to avoid police


According to a report by the Associated Press, an unidentified Gambian migrant is lying in a hospital in Germany after sustaining a life-threatening injury following pursuit by the police.

German police said a Gambian asylum-seeker has suffered life-threatening injuries after jumping from the window of his refugee home, apparently because he was afraid of being caught and deported.
Police said they had planned to take the 43-year-old man today from his accommodation in Schoemberg to a local government office in the southwestern city of Karlsruhe to establish his real identity, after he ignored previous summons to appear.

A fellow resident told police he hadn’t seen the man for some time. As police prepared to give up their search, they were alerted by passers-by to a person lying down in front of the building. A witness told police that the man had climbed out of the window and jumped some seven metres to the street below.