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Gambian confessed he is bi-sexual

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By Mafugi Ceesay

A Gambian man, 44, name withheld, has confirmed to The Standard that he has been accidentally turned into a bisexual and he is trying hard without success to come out of it.

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“My life is destroyed by this behaviour and I cannot let go off the habit of having sex with both male and female partners,” the visibly tormented man told The Standard.

According to the man, he is married to a woman but continuously sleeps with men to earn money.

“I got introduced into homosexuality by a white man when I was a juice presser, selling juice on the beach.

The man befriended me, visited my wife and family and offered to pay my children’s school fees and even bought me a plot of land, all of which promises he kept,” he said.

He further explained that one day, the white man invited him to a bird watching trip and while they were in the bush, his white friend started touching his body. “I did not like it first. I just don’t know how I got carried away.

So this is how I got hooked and for now, I am a victim.

I just can’t let it go even though the man who first introduced me to it had died and having infected me with HIV,” he said.

He said he currently has many rich clients who normally pay him for a night or hours.

“My telephone is my friend, waiting to get that call and if I am to spend a night, I will tell my family I will be traveling for a day or two

. Sometimes I travel up to Dakar to meet clients. My life is destroyed. I only thank god my children are not infected with HIV,” he lamented.

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