GCA trains umpires, Scorers to increase capacity


Addressing the workshop participants, the secretary general of the association said cricket is one of those national associations that believed in training its members to raise awareness of its sport across the country.

He informed the participants that without scorers no one would be able to tell the winners from losers, keep proper records of the game for the media, coaches and other important stakeholders. 

The president of the association, Dr Johnny Gomez, said that a competent scorer is an important member of any cricket club who watches and records every ball in every match, write the history of the club and records the players’ achievements. Dr Gomez added that scorers are the unseen participants in every game but whose role is as important as of those players and umpires. 


“Without the information recorded by the scorer, how could we identify the batsman who has scored the most runs, or the bowler’s tally? Most importantly, how can we ascertain the results under Law 2?”, Gomez questioned. 

In the second part of the course which dealt with umpiring, participants were taken through the basics of Umpiring and the laws of the game including topics like umpire’s signals, ways of dismissals, judgment of wides and no balls, LBW judgments, cricket terminology, pitch measurements and dimensions. Participants also went through a live session conducted on a cricket field where participants were taught to position themselves while umpiring. At the end of the day every participant received a scorer’s manual and the scorers were all made   members of the Gambia Umpires and Scorers Committee under the Gambia Cricket Association. The course was coordinated and conducted by Dr Johnny Gomez, a senior international cricket official and GCA president assisted by Mbye Dumbuya, a panel umpire.


By Lamin Cham