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Gee to release new album

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He said of the new album at a press conference held at a local hotel in Kololi: “The album ‘Situations’ is one of a kind because, I have been told by my fans that I will never drop any hot song like ‘That feeling’ which was launched in 2013. I find it as an insult because as an artist if you cannot have a plan of growing in one, two to three years’ time, then I do not think there is a point of becoming a musician. This applies in every other career because with time you perfect your skills grow to another level with new development. I do listen to my old tracks and I can see my performance from one album to another and the album ‘That feeling’ is what introduced and cemented this new sound ‘Situations’ and which Hakim is a pioneer of. As we all know, Gambia does not have its own music genre….. It is either reggae or hip -hop which do not belong to us so adding the culture to our music gives it the original taste. And instead of rapping in English which lots of people do not understand, I have started improving my Wolof for the masses to understand better. The new album all came about as a quandry our society is confronted with and that, ‘don’t be a critic judge if you don’t know the man’s problem.’ This is a great issue in this country and we all know music is the fastest means in which many people receive a message.

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Commenting on a change of the venue for the launching, Gee, as he is commonly called elucidated: “This came as a surprise to many people to see the launching of the new album at the Independence stadium. This is because no Gambian artiste has ever launched an album there including Jaliba Kuyateh who many believe as the best with a large fan base. Many international artistes namely Demarco from Jamaica will be on the ground though Vivian and Aida Samba from Senegal are yet to be confirmed. I am currently on a deal to bring more international artistes to attend the launching. My collaboration with Demarco came as surprise to many as well and the song which is still in the studio will be released very soon. All the connection was made possible by my producer Hakim and I promise my fans that they will love the song.” Gee seized the opportunity to thank his sponsors Comium, Gam Patroleum, TK Export, Gamwater, Construct, Pink Lipstick Entertainment, Hatib, Africell and his producers Hakim of the Sunderland, Handson of Shy Boy entertainment for their tireless efforts. Gambian artists Manding Mori, Nyancho, Bai Babou, Jali Madi, ST, Benjamin and Sura Suso will grace the launching on December 19 at the Independence Stadium.


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