Gef organises national dialogue to ‘tackle environmental challenges’


By Isatou Jawara

Global Environment Facility, (Gef) organised a national dialogue earlier this week to address the country’s environmental challenges.
They were in collaboration with the National Environment Agency, NEA.

The two-day dialogue was staged at the Kairaba Beach Hotel, bringing together environment experts and activists from all over the country.



The permanent secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Natural resources, Pateh Jah, lauded Gef for “supporting least developed countries in transition to improve their economies including The Gambia.


He said the country has received funds through various Gef initiatives in order to support national development projects.
The PS said the dialogue was a “strategic forum to promote the integration of global environment concepts into national strategies.

“At the end of the forum, we expect to understand the new programming direction and policies of Gef 7 which will eventually guide us in the identification of potential projects in line with Gef projects and priorities and our national development blueprint. The importance of this dialogue taking into consideration the increasing rate of environmental degradation, coupled with the adverse impacts of climate change and the loss of biological diversity which is threatening food security and health of the population cannot be overemphasised.”

He said the environment ministry will “continue to create the enabling environment and a level playing ground for all stakeholders and international development partners to ensure that the benefits of Gef projects are maximised.
The UN resident coordinator Seraphine Wakana, said UN remains “committed to supporting the Gasmbia’s fight to combating climate change.
“We will also help encourage sustainable natural resource management and the protecting of biodiversity.”
The resident coordinator said the Gef 7 “will