GFF defends stance on URR football dispute


“That is the best solution to this problem”, said second vice president Kebba Touray who spoke to The Standard yesterday. 

Touray said if any of these groups, -the Furu Gomez side which was elected under the Normalization time, and the Kurubally camp which rejects that elections, should organize the regional league, there would a be a possibility of a clash which shall not be in the interest of the youths there and the country. “That is why we as the GFF decided to sideline both camps until the problem is solved. The people need to play football meanwhile and that’s why we have to find a body which can run football there,” Touray said.

Asked how soon that that body would start work, Touray said people have been indentified already to serve in the committee but they are yet to be formally informed about their task and when to start. ”We have to do that with the local government and sports authorities and even security officials in the area,” he concluded.


Since the election of regional football associations late in the term of the GFA Normalization Committee, URR football stakeholders have been in dispute over the legitimacy of the election that brought Furu Gomez as president. A lot of stakeholders led by Aboubacar Kurubally claimed they were excluded from that election and held one of their own. Both camps are claiming to be the legitimate body and recently announced plans to stage separate leagues, leading the GFF to call on both sides to refrain from football matters until further notice.

However the National sports council has since advised that the Furu Gomez side is the recognized body and should be allowed to function as the regional football association there.


Author: Lamin Cham