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The second vice president of the Gambia Football Federation (GFF) Ebou Faye has explained that the Gambia could not take part in the on-going Wafu Under-15 championship because the invitation came late.
Mr Faye was responding to criticisms by Sadibou Kamaso opposition Team- Restore Confidence, who said the GFF was negligent and did not act in good time even though there was information that the tournament was being called for Liberia.
”The WAFU Zone A U15 tournament is currently underway in Monrovia Liberia which the GFF under the leadership of Lamin Kaba Bajo who doubles as the President of WAFU zone A was informed of months ago and yet couldn’t have a team represent The Gambia. Instead, messages were making round on social media where a regional coach was pleading with clubs to send any U15 player they have, and citing the possible embarrassment the current GFF President /WAFU A president would endure if Gambia is not represented. What a shame?”, the GFF opposition leader Kamaso alleged.
However, in his response, the GFF second VP Ebou Faye who is responsible for competition, said Mr Kamaso can have the luxury of spreading misinformation to seek cheap political capital or take time to find out the real fact before making claims. The fact of the matter is that the GFF was only notified to participate in the tourney on the 10th August to prepare a team and travel by the 15th. I have the notice. Everyone knows that is not possible. And in any case, it is not true that there is desperate search for under-15 players. The GFF has just completed a nationwide Pan African Youth Competition which identified the best of talents in that category. Also the GFF in collaboration with Ambassador Tijan Jaiteh’s foundation have an U-15 team as part of his Norway Cup contingent. Each of these groups could have been used for this purpose because they were scouted from across the country with due diligence to their age and talent. So I think Mr Kamaso has not been properly informed or has no information at all,” Mr Faye said.

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