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‘GFF members’ say Sillah’s appointment contradicts Fifa rules


Signed by Alhagie S Darboe of Brikama United FC, the group’s letter drew the attention of the world football governing body to the specific rule found in Article 6 paragraph 2 of the Fifa player Agent regulations which states under ‘Prerequisites for Application’ that:

“An applicant may not under any circumstances, hold position as an official, employee, etc at Fifa, a confederation, an association, a league,  a club or any organization, connected with such organisation and entities.

(3) Such prerequisites for applying for a licence must be satisfied at all times throughout the players’ agent entire career (c f art. 15)”. 

 The concerned GFF members concluded their letter by addressing Fifa thus: “We would appreciate if you could kindly shed further light on this matter and act accordingly for redress.

While we await so, on the above, we trust that the Normalisation Committee will limit itself to the task and terms given by Fifa as highlighted above. As you count on the support of all GFF stakeholders which [sic] we wish to assure you and confirm our full cooperation and commitment to the new electoral process launched by Fifa. In the same vein, it is our ardent hope and trust that the Normalisation Committee will honour Fifa’s stance on the task given to them in order to ensure a smooth, fair and transparent process in electing a new GFF board by 15th September 2014 at the latest.”

Responding to this letter, the NC chairman Alhagie Sillah said personally he had no official response to the matter “since everything about the Normalisation Committee is sanctioned by Fifa who knows every about him prior to his appointment. So I would advise them to find out from Fifa.” 

Meanwhile, the newly appointed spokesman of the NC, Musa Sise, clarified that Alhagie Sillah had never acted as a player agent ever since he was offered that status by the GFA. 

“In fact Sillah never applied for one and ever since he was offered, he never performed one transaction as an agent. Besides, Fifa who made the appointment is au fait with everything about Alhagie Sillah’s activity in football,” Sise said.


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