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‘GFF Must Not Rescind Their Decision’

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Ansumana Camara, a member of the current champions Brikama United Football Club has called on the Gambia Football Federation, GFF, not to change their mind on their latest decision on the league just because Real de Banjul rejects the offer to go to Caf.
The GFF declared the league null and void and chose Real and Armed Forces to represent the country in Caf. Many people did not agree and Real de Banjul turned down the offer because it did not come with the crown as title holders.

However in a write-up shared with The Standard, Mr Camara said the position of the GFF was made clear after meetings in a WhatsApp group of club presidents and Federation members. “Teams that stand 1st and 2nd positions in the recently ‘Null & Void’ league shall represent The Gambia in the CAF Club Championship and the Confederation respectively.

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This was something that triggered public debates in the football fraternity. Little did we know that Real De Banjul will turn down the offer and instead stretch hands to claim for the entire share of the cake. Lol! I laugh not because I am enjoying this write-up, but because of a statement Real beautifully scribed on their presser and I quote “The Club does not want its members to be unfairly tainted, and we feel that we should have been crowned champions when the season was abandoned”. Isn’t this laughable?”, Mr Camara asked.
He went on to state that we do not live in an animal farm where some animals are more equal than others. “The GFF must hold the center, otherwise things will fall apart (in Chinua Achebe’s voice). The GFF must hold the bull by the horn or risk losing their hard earned respect. Real De Banjul are playing their cards well and would want to arrest the game with a “Poker”.

Camara said crowning Real champions in a league that has 12 games to go and 36 points to fight for shall be a lifetime insult to all other teams. He added:” They better go with the little favor and biased decision already accorded to them by the Federation through their inconclusive and controversial consultations with the club presidents. Ahhh. We know the deal and can tell why they (RDB) want to be crowned champions. If you aren’t thinking like some of us, here is what they must be thinking:
– Offered the trophy with all the financial gains that come with being the champions of the league.

-Represent the Gambia at The CAF Champions league
-Add this year’s glory to their number of trophies they have in their trophy bank”.
Camara said if Real De Banjul are crowned champions as they are claiming, they will still love to represent the Gambia at CAF, more because they would now get all the financial gains that go with the title. ”It doesn’t work that way, champions become champions in the ring, not on a silver platter. Real must act real and stop playing the hide and seek game. Who told them that they would even win the league even if the league was to continue? Is it a prophecy revealed or a narration from a future-teller?”, he asked.
Camara said Gamtel FC started the season way better than any club, maintaining the top spot for a while, but currently sitting 3rd position on the table.
“If Real is real, let them stop talking about image and the Club’s members been unfairly tainted.

The GFF’s position must remain and GAF should take their position as our Rep with Gamtel coming up to the Confederation Cup. RDB’s good representation at GFF in Willy Abraham and Bakary K. Jammeh must not influence the previous stance of the Federation.
We should all go about searching for the meaning of “Null and Void” and not “abandoned” as claimed by RDB!”, Camara concluded.

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