The Gambia Football Federation announced yesterday that it has lodged a formal complaint to the Algerian Football Federation following verbal attacks and threats on referee Papa Gassama whom they accused of unfairly causing their exit from World Cup after losing the final leg of the qualifiers to Cameroon.

The Gambia Football Federation also revealed that it has formally requested Fifa and Caf to open investigations and disciplinary proceedings against the Head Coach of the Algeria National Football Team Mr. Djamel Belmadi for his remarks on a video clip and on an Algerian television.

“Based on the foregoing, we’ve also asked the Algerian federation to make a public statement condemning the actions of Mr. Belmadi and all the verbal attacks against Mr. Gassama by Algerians and take all necessary precautions to restrain their officials and nationals from making any further negative remarks and threats against the person of Mr. Gassama. Otherwise, their federation will be held responsible and complicit for any harm which may happen to him,” Football House said in a statement yesterday.


The GFF said it is in constant contact with Papa, and that all security precautions are in place to keep him from harm’s way whenever he returns home from overseas assignments.