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GFF reacts to latest Caf fine

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Press statement We’ve noted with regret that CAF has imposed this fine on us. This is the second time in just a couple of months that the GFF has been punished for a crime that we’ve not directly committed, and it’s mainly as a result of the behavior of our supporters and it’s time that somebody stands up to say enough is enough and that’s exactly what I’m doing. $5,000:00 is no small money for a poor FA like The Gambia. That money could’ve gone a long way in developing the other aspects of football in The Gambia. Our supporters need to be sensitised to understand that any misbehavior from them would attract serious punitive actions on the GFF and this is one of them. Thus, I’m appealing to all to ensure decorum at all times whenever we’re playing, and not only in international football: this applies to all category football competitions in the country. There’s no place for hooliganism in our football. Notwithstanding, CAF is aware of the fact that we’ve also lodged a protest against the same Togolese team for fielding an ineligible player and they’re still mute over something that shouldn’t have taken long to decide on. This is a protest and not an appeal, which would’ve taken longer time and all evidence are before and this is creating a lot of frustrations for the Federation. Even after several reminders sent to them, they’re still silent but we’ll never relent on this particular matter because we know that we’ve a very genuine case and we’ll fight it to the letter. GFF]]>

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