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Ghancoy 7 donates food items to Barra community

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The Ghanaian troops (Ghancoy 7) serving under Ecomig has recently donated food items to the Barra Muslim community.

The gesture is among many that the Ghanaian troops have been offering the community which earned them a good reputation and a unique status among other troops in the country.

The donated food items include rice, oil, sugar, onions, tomato paste, dates among other to support the Muslims Eid celebration.

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Major Francis Ackom, second Commander of the Ghanian troops congratulated the Muslims for completing the Month of Ramadan and pray for Allah to grant them the rewards.

He revealed that the support is meant to ease the burden on Muslims as they just completed a thirty days of fasting at a time when prices of food items are skyrocketing.

“On behalf of ECOMIG Ghancoy 7I congratulate the Muslims for completing the holy month of Ramadan and I pray to almighty Allah to bless them. This presentation is a token of appreciation to the people of Barra for their hospitality since our deployment,” he said.

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The Ghanaian troops second commander reiterated their commitment to supporting the people of Barra.

The support is now an annual event that the troops offer to the Barra community.

For his part, Omar Sohna, the village head representative expressed their profound gratitude to the Ghanaian troops for always supporting his village.

“The Ghanaian troops are soldiers with difference. We used to see soldiers as people with guns and assumed that they are hostile but the Ghanaian soldiers have proven that wrong,” Sohna said.

He described the presence of the Ghanaian soldiers in Barra as a blessing.

“These people have been supporting us in different ways and we are grateful,” he added.

Awa Jobe, the Assistant Public Relations Officer of the Village Development Committee also commended the troops for their generosity and urged the community to continue their humanitarian work.

“The Ghanaian soldiers are part of us and they are soldiers with difference. This is not the first time they have been supporting,” she said, adding that they have been supporting people with free medical treatment.

Over the past years, the Ghanaian soldiers stationed in Barra have been offering medical assistance, supporting schools with learning materials, renovating places of worship (mosques), food aid among others and which have earned them a good reputation in Barra and its surroundings.

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