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Gigo takes over Nyambai Jambarr Sanneh feeder road construction

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Press release

Construction of a 400-meter Nyambai Jambarr Sanneh feeder road in Brikama is expected to start in earnest following the official handing over of the contract to Gigo Construction on Saturday, by the management of Brikama Area Council (BAC) in partnership with the National Road Authority (NRA).

Last week, the Council awarded the construction project to Gigo which is worth D9, 994, 600. The completion of the road will ease traffic congestion and promote social development in the commercial town of Brikama.

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For the past years, commuters and street vendors have been complaining of stagnant water on the road that they said has been affecting their movement and daily activities.

The BAC officials said when the feeder road is completed, it will address the burden of stagnant water along the road as well as mitigate flooding, particularly during the rainy season.

Chief executive officer of BAC, Modou Jonga said construction of the road is part of the priority projects of both the ward and the Council and would promote social development in the area when completed.

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“The council is committed to meet the needs and aspirations of the community and by large our taxpayers. We are doing our best under very difficult circumstances,” he said.

Mr Jonga encouraged the taxpayer population of the Brikama Local Government Area to be tax compliant, saying timely payment of rates and taxes will enable the Council to deliver developmental projects.

He also advised the contractor to work hard to ensure the completion of the project within the designed timeframe.

Amadou Gigo, proprietor of Gigo Construction assured that his company will commence work in the soonest possible time and will work professionally to ensure standard.

“We are set to start even tomorrow provided the services of the National Water and Electricity Company (Nawec) and Gamtel are done. If they set the ground today, I am set to start work tomorrow,” he assured.

Abubacarr Drammeh, a surveyor from the National Roads Authority urged the contractor to deliver a standard road to ensure that road users are safe when travelling.

“We want the road users to be safe on the road as they are safe in their beds. We do not compromise with the safety of road users,” he said.

Drammeh advised the constructor to engage NRA officials anytime he deems it necessary to sub- construct any part of the work to another company.

Mr Drammeh said there is a greater need for the contractor to summit their work programme to NRA before starting the construction to help them to provide technical support during construction.

Ansu B.O Nyass, Nyambai ward councilor said constructing the road is essential in minimizing traffic congestion and facilitating easy movement of people.

Omar Sowe, official of the regional National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) said there is a need for stakeholders to construct the road in a way that nearby residents are not affected by floods.

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