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Gov’t concern over leakage of state documents

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By Omar Bah

The Gambia government has expressed concern over the continued leakage of secrets government documents before they are due for public consumption.

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Specifically referring to the Janneh Commission report, the Government spokesperson, Ebrima Sankareh said: “It’s quite shocking to say the least that the report that we are about to unveil has actually been significantly leaked to the press.

I had a sleepless night as I saw allegations and counter allegations from different parties, insinuations as to who may have actually leaked this precious document that everybody was waiting for.

It’s quite unfortunate that we have men and women among us in the civil service who are now bent on actually leaking every document before the document is due for public view.

It is just unfortunate and what comes with this is that people who have nothing, absolutely zero to do with these leakages are maligned, insulted and all kind of garbage thrown at them,” Sankareh said adding that the matter is very serious.

Commenting on the same matter, Momodou S. Jallow, secretary general and head of the civil service said the Gambia government has no interest in muzzling the press “but there needs to be an understanding that there are certain things which may have some security implications as far as the state is concerned.”

He said in all developed democracies, “every piece of information has different level of security.

Certain things can be available to public immediately, others have to be made available after certain considerations are made,” SG Jallow said.

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