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‘Gov’t should not be blamed for deportations’

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By Amadou Jadama

The Chief of Protocols and Welfare Officer at the Gambian Embassy in Guinea Bissau, Foday Gassama, has said people must stop blaming President Barrow and his government for the ongoing mass deportation of Gambians from Germany, explaining that Gambia has “no powers to stop deportations”.

 In recent months, Gambians have been deported in dozens at least twice every month amid accusations that the Gambia Government has capitulated to the EU under threats of sanctions should it refused to accept her citizens back. Migration activists in Germany and back home have threatened to protest over the matter.

Speaking to The Standard Gassama said the logical argument is that the German authorities have the sovereign right to determine who can stay in their country and they also have the right to deport anyone from their country and no one can stop that.

“This whole twaddle about the existence of a deportation agreement is just a lack of understanding of international relations. Every government around the world has the right to control its borders and decide who can stay in their country based on certain rules. Nobody can stop or interfere in that,” he said.

Gassama said those accusing the government for allowing deportation can also ask their National Assembly Members to call the minister of foreign affairs to explain if there is any agreement between the government and the German authorities.

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