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GRCS holds session to evaluate DREF operation on Foñi crisis

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By Olimatou Coker

The Gambia Red Cross Society on Thursday held a day-long lessons-learned session to elevate the DREF operation on Foñi crisis at Sindola, Kanilai, WCR.

The main aim of the lesson learned session is to evaluate the DREF operation, identify the success and constraints of the response, document gaps and areas of improvement, collect feedback on the operation from the beneficiaries and to document the lessons learned so as to improve on the future operation.

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Senegalese soldiers and MFDC separatists clashed on The Gambia/Casamance border, displacing thousands.

The GRCS through the disaster relief emergency fund (DREF) of the IFRC and economic security (ECOSOC) of the international committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was able to provide support to 302 households from the 1st clash, and over 932 households from the 2nd clash with unconditional cash transfer, essential households items none food items, psychosocial support, emergency ambulance services, and health and first aid services.

The unconditional cash transfer was for 3 months, which was done through mobile money transfer, (Qmoney).

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Speaking, Modou Lamin Fye, Chairperson GRCS Disaster Commission, said this lesson-learned session would help the GRCS to review their actions taken during the support process as for as the DREF is concerned.

“Some of the discussions we will be having here will resurface at the governing board, why do I say this we believed this will help improve especially your disaster response guidelines, it will improve the delivery mechanisms and it will also improve what we called the community resilience so that we don’t have to come each time we start from scratch,” he explained.

Alioue Niang, head of ECOSOC Program ICRC Sub Delegation in Ziguinchor, said he hopes that this workshop will provide the best elements and recommendations to ensure faster and more effective interventions while respecting the principles of the movement and the dignity of those affected. 

He added that with the support of ICRC, intervention actions have been carried out by the Gambian Red Cross and the results shared have been generally satisfactory. Positive feedback has been reported from beneficiaries both for the quality of the intervention and its timeliness. The ICRC commends the Gambian Red Cross for its responsiveness and ability to quickly support communities in need.

“However, it seems important to focus on our difficulties, our limitations, but also and especially on successful experiences to strengthen our intervention and collaboration.”

Jato S. Sillah, President of GRCS, said this session will provide recommendations to help lessons learned to improve their humanitarian responses in the future. The GRCS continues to appreciate the partnership it has developed with humanitarian and development institutions both within the country and beyond.

“Our DREF operation has been successfully implemented in the fonis due to the conducive environment provided by The Gambia Government including the office of the vice president, office of the governor of WCR and security forces.”

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