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GRCS, partners invest over D7M in women’s gardens

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By Olimatou Coker

The Gambia Red Cross society in partnership with World Food Program (WFP) and the Ministry of Agriculture recently invested a 7 million dalasis project in women’s garden in Central River, North Bank and Upper River regions.

The GRCS has currently implemented various projects and operations in the regions of The Gambia. These projects and operations are being implemented by GRCS volunteers under the leadership of their branch executives and branch officers while others are contacted.

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The leadership and senior management of GRCS over the weekend embarked on a five-day monitoring visit to all these operations and engagement so as to know first hand information of the progress made and the challenges faced, which will help in decision making.

The main objective of the visit is to monitor the ongoing projects and operations of GRCS, and to meet with the leadership of the GRCS branches and local authorities. It is also to discuss GRCS involvement in the Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

Speaking to The Standard, Abdoulie Faye, director of operations and programes of GRCS, said they have 35 community gardens that are benefiting in CRR which 15 are in CRR south and 20 in CRR north.

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“This is a project that has been conceived by GRCS through WFP and the Ministry of Agriculture”.

He explained that the project is all about resilience strengthening for women gardens against climate change and conflict in The Gambia.

He said the idea is to support 95 gardens targeting 20,000 women in all the gardens with seeds and garden tools.

He said they have so far supported the 95 gardens with the necessary seeds that have been recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture but also with tools that are required to use in their gardens.

He also said marketing this project is everyone’s responsibility, and everyone needs to come together to study the market.

“We have to do a proper market analysis and try to see how to support the local farmers”.

Fatou Bah, district extention surpervisor Lower Fuladou, said the materials have really helped them. The harvest will help complement their feeding as well as have surplus to sell.

Mama B. Cessay, president Darsilameh women’s garden, described the assistance as timely and beneficial to them.

Jato Sillah, president of GRCS, said Gambians are taking up farming especially women.

Mr Sillah appealed to the Ministry of Agriculture to help create market for farmers to sell their products.

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