Groundnut farmers want Qmoney service out


By Aisha Tamba

The president of secco managers has said groundnut farmers remain unhappy about the Qmoney service and are demanding it to stop.

Yaya Nyangado, who walked into the Standard offices yesterday, said the farmers have so much reservations about the pace of the process.


”The farmers are complaining that Qmoney services are causing a lot of delays in the field. If a farmer comes with the nuts, the manger weights and tells the farmer that your tonnage is 200kg and your money is D2,500. Then the farmer will go to the Qmoney agent, the agent will ask the farmer whether he has an ID card and a Qcell SIM to register. If the farmer does, then he will take the number and call the Qmoney office here. Those people will do the registration,” he said.

“If they register your number to Qmoney services, they would have to put your cash into that account and later withdraw the cash. The process is not fast and farmers are complaining that they cannot bear it,” he added.

He confirmed that secco managers have engaged the GGC but to no avail.

”GGC said they want 40 thousand tonnes this season. Last year, they got only 2,200 tonnes. If this system continues, they might not even get 1,000 tonnes.

”We met last night and agreed that if nothing is done to change the system by Monday, we are withdrawing our staff from the field,” he warned.