UDP KM coordinator asks Siaka to resign


By Amadou Jadama

The United Democratic Party coordinator for the Kanifing Municipality has asked President Barrow’s political adviser, Siaka Jatta, to honourably resign.

Bakary Camara’s comments came after Siaka claimed that being in the opposition is a sin.


“If Siaka feels being in the opposition is sinful, then being with President Barrow is also a sin because he is a betrayer,” Camara said.

“I am calling on Siaka Jatta to resign from President Barrow’s government because that government is also sinful. This was the president who was opposing Yahya Jammeh’s government. So if that government, which was opposing the sitting government became the president, it would still be seen as a sinful government,” he told The Standard.

Camara described Jatta’s sentiments as embarrassing and disgraceful.

“This can tell that President Barrow does not know who to select into positions. So I am calling for his resignation. It is our constitution that allows multi-party system in this country and it is because of the opposition parties that brought in this government,” he added.

“I want to tell Siaka that if you have money which is not clean, even if you built a mosque, that too is sinful. He said that he regrets to be in the opposition. He should also regret to be in Adama Barrow’s government because it was an opposition to Jammeh’s government. This government is a coalition government and not an NPP government. So Siaka is more sinful than anybody in this country.”