GSA celebrates world aquatics day


The Gambia swimming Association on Saturday 8th July 2017 joined the rest of the world to commemorate world Aquatics day.
Held in the North Bank region of Barra, the event brought together 55 non- elite swimmers to enjoy aquatic physical activities.


The annual event is a chance to promote the aquatic sports on a national level and increase the awareness of the sport among the elite swimmers.
During his welcoming remarks, the GSA regional coordinator Mamadi Jarju said the event serves as an excellent opportunity to enhance and build on the work that is being carried out by FINA’s programme “Swimming for All, Swimming for Life”. I want to commend the Gambia Swimming Association for reaching out to the regions; I will continue to work very hard with the young swimmers in Barra so that they can grow to be better ones in the future and compete for the Gambia, said Jarju.



For his part, the representative of the Gambia national Olympic Committee Ebrima Tiyanna expressed delight for forming part of the celebrations. ‘On behalf of the President of the Gambia National Olympic Committee Alh Dodou Capi Joof, I want to express my sincere appreciation to the GSA executive and assure you of the NOC’s continue support.


Bintou Houma the acting President of the GSA, speaking at the event, outlined the recent strives taken by her GSA executive to ensure young swimmers in the country are well nurtured. ‘Today I want to seize this opportunity to thank all members of the GSA for a job well done before and during this event, your commitment and dedication to the course is exceptional, am happy to work with you all. Our task as a professional body is not only to organize national championships, but to also develop talents that can better represent the Gambia in international competitions, she concluded.


The event climaxed with a swimming demonstration by young swimmers at the shore of Barra ferry terminal; all the participated swimmers were awarded certificates at the end of the event.