Innovative Seremba Pharmacy opens Westfield branch


A new pharmacy, the latest expansion of Seremba Pharmaceutical Company has started operations Saturday. Located at the entrance of Nawec headquarters, Seremba Pharmacy will sell only authentic American and European made medicine and is rolling out innovative ways for customers to access drugs. One such is the provision of application to enable patients or their carers with prescriptions to purchase drugs online and have it delivered to them. “They could also use the app to access information on all kind of drugs available and place an order. This is designed to save patients or their carers the hustle of moving from place to place looking for medicines. We want to provide a unique service for the Gambian people hence our central location at Westfield,” said Benjamin AdegboyeGeneral Manager. He further disclosed that the branch will be equipped with 24-hour fully functional quality laboratory for all kind of tests including those that are not available in the country. “This in addition to the provision of competent and qualified medical personnel will provide top class service for the Gambian people,” he said. The ceremony was attended by a cross section of people including Seremba Pharmacy’s bankers Agib, and Nawec’s corporative union officials.